accredited by the World Food Travel Association


certified by the North American Sommelier Association endorsed by WSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association) and AIS (Italian Sommelier Association)

President & Founder of Italia Dolce Vita

Susanna Wriston was born in the USA and began experiencing Italy at age 2 then every summer until age 16 when she moved to Italy with her family and lived there for 20 years. She completed her studies  graduating at University of Padua, earning a Masters, and working for international corporations. She returned permanently to the USA in 2001 and established a travel business.

Love and passion for everything Italian led her to establish Italia Dolce Vita, her own travel business specialized in small-group escorted tours to Italy and tailor-made vacations for those dreaming of Italy beyond the obvious and  looking for authentic experiences.

Susanna has complemented her experience and expertise obtaining certification as Culinary Travel Professional® accredited and certified by the World Food Travel Association, and certification as Italian Wine Specialist® accredited and endorsed by the North American Sommelier Association and the Italian Sommelier Association. This has enhanced her philosophy of travel “Eat and Drink Well, Travel Better.  

Visiting Italy several times a year, accompanying select small group tours she designs, gives Susanna opportunity to visit local wineries and food artisans thus continuously enriching her knowledge and offer.

Susanna successfully holds seminars and lectures on Italian history, language, and traditions, with specific focus on Italy’s diverse culinary traditions, wine history making, and the complexity of Italy’s 350 wine regions and their numerous grape varietals. Her events are attended by 5 to 95 people depending on the type of event.

She is honored to be President of Sarasota Italian Cultural Events, a not for profit organization with over 150 members spreading awareness of the rich Italian cultural heritage to the greater Sarasota community. She is also a proud member of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce,  and former City Director for the Province of Treviso for Sarasota Sister Cities.