Italian Wine Specialist

Just got confirmation that I passed my Italian Wine Specialist exam and received certification! This was the first “Italian Wine Specialist” certification program recognized throughout the world and endorsed by the WSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association) as well as the AIS (Italian Sommerlier Association).
The course was dedicated to the exclusive and advanced AIS technical wine tasting technique for which NASA/AIS are internationally renowned…also the most comprehensive and practical wine tasting method throughout the world. We explored all 20 wine regions of Italy, their wine laws, regulations, grape varietals, traditions and trends, history, typicality as well as key characteristics of cuisine and culture.
It was interesting to discover new and upcoming wines, those that are specific to each region – high quality unique wines that have such low yields they are never exported but that you can indulge in on one of our 2014 Food & Wine tours! Check out our tour to the culinary riches of Emilia Romagna and the wines of Piemonte and our  tour to the Tre Venezie – Veneto, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trentino Alto to discover the lands of great history and great wines!