Grand Splendors & Flavors of Sicily

May 16-June 4, 2019 - 12 Days / 11 Nights



Sicily is a world apart- an island separated from the rest of Italy not only by the sea but also by centuries of history and cultural experiences. As a multicultural crossroad of over 3000 years of history,  here the ancient Greeks founded many of Sicily’s most important towns including Syracuse, Catania, Taormina, and Agrigento. The Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Spanish, and French, all influenced the land and all contributed to Sicily’s cultural wealth and rich heritage. 

Join me on this 12 day private small- group experiential journey of the “Best of Sicily from East to West”. From beautiful Taormina  to the vibrant streets of Palermo, a concentrated distillation of history, architecture, and gastronomic delights. 

Tour along the coast and through the magical interior of diverse landscapes, extravagant scenic beauty, and archaeological richness. Delve into the Sicilian lifestyle with a layered culinary history and deep rooted award winning wine making traditions like Avola, Etna, Ceresuola di Vittoria, and Marsala. 

Begin with visiting Giardini Naxos in beautiful Taormina! Be enchanted by the small fishing villages along the spectacular coast, take a fun jeep tour on Mount Etna where we stop for a delightful winery lunch. Marvel at the rich 5th BC archaeological ruins of Siracusa/Ortygia, a powerful city in antiquity.  

Stay in the UNESCO Baroque town of Noto where atmospheric back-streets and important architectural buildings will stun. Visit nearby Modica to partake in a special private chocolate lesson at a boutique chocolate maker, who creates  the famous chocolate according to ancient Aztec recipe. Stroll the labyrinthine streets of Ragusa and the towns of Inspector Montalbano where Sicilian culture truly comes to life. 

See the brilliant Roman floor mosaics in the Villa del Casale in Piazza Armerina and the Hellenistic  Temples of Juno and Hercules in the Valley of the Temples.

Visit the largest archaeological park in Europe, Selinunte, once the most eminent city of Magna Grecia. 

A private guided tour of Monreale to see the world’s best Byzantine mosaics in the cathedral. Visit the city of Palermo home to some of the most fascinating cultural gems. A stroll through Erice, the medieval hilltop village with cobblestone streets, and be surrounded by the aroma of almond pastries. 

Relax and cook with the locals at an authentic Sicilian Baglio. See traditional coral craftsmen and artisan ceramists at work. And, so much more.

Come with me and discover the many splendors of Sicily!!!


  •  11 nights in charming accommodations (3 - Taormina; 3-  Noto; 5-Terre Sicane
  • Daily Breakfast 
  • Hands on Sicilian Cooking Lesson
  • Private & Exclusive winery tours & tastings
  • Authentic gourmet meals paired with wines (all included) 
  • Expertly guided tours:

                Byzantine MONREALE


                VALLEY OF THE TEMPLES

                SELINUNTE Largest Archaeological site in Europe


                BAROQUE TREASURES in MODICA and NOTO


  • Excursion on MOUNT ETNA & ETNA DOC wines
  • Boat Excursions to MOTHIA and the SALT PANS
  • Chocolate tour, course and tasting in MODICA 
  • Cruise to GIARDINI NAXOS and Fishermen Ports of Bay of TAORMINA
  • Cable ride to ERICE
  • SCIACCA Ceramics & Coral Artisans 
  • Group airport transfers arrival on 05/24 from Catania Airport and at departure on 06/04 to Palermo Airport 
  • Leisure time 
  • ...and much more

Pre & Post Tour Options- Grand Tour of Campania: Sorrento & Capri - May 16-23, 2019

Province of Treviso : A sister City tour of the Garden of Venice June 5-13, 2019

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